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One of my best landscape plants to's a huge plant for the back or center of your bed or for a massive display all by itself.....this one gets BIG so give it plenty of room to grow!!! Vibrant 9" yellow crispate blooms open wide on monster scapes that are 47" tall with wide spaced 6 way branching, 30 buds, that easily hold 3 or 4 blooms open at once without crowding. Instant rebloom scapes have 4 way branching and bloom an additional 20 blooms. This is a blooming machine that starts midseason and goes very late. Releases a delightful light fragrance toward evening. Vigorous plants increase fast with gorgeous dormant foliage. Makes an impressive display in a clump. Would be a great show flower, too, if you can find a container big enough for it!!! Pollen fertile. I have not been able to set a pod but customers in a cooler climate have been successful. From Seedling 2819 (AL'S PEACH TOWER X LIGHTHOUSE NORTH) x BANANA SMOOTHIE. Tetraploid.


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